At D&R Realty, we know there’s something thrilling about the idea of buying your own piece of land. A raw, untouched piece of property where you can build your dream home from the ground up. But picking the perfect parcel can prove a bit more complex than you’d expect.

Sometimes you simply come to the conclusion that, in order to have exactly what you need and want, you may have to build it yourself. Or perhaps you purchased or inherited a vacant property and want to make it your new homestead. Whether building new or expanding an existing parcel, creating a new home is a journey of discovering who you are, what you want, how you want to live and where you want to be. It’s so much more than building three bedrooms and two bathrooms. It’s a chance for you to define your relationship to the world, your community, and yourself.

As with any journey, you’ll want to do some research and plan your trip. You’ll want to have a sense of what the end result should be and how much it’ll cost. And while you’ll no doubt be able to go it alone, having a seasoned and experienced guide show you the way will likely mean a more enjoyable, more enriching and overall better journey.

When you build a new home with D&R Realty, you have a professional partner who understands all aspects of the real estate market and your transaction. We work hard to get you the best possible price on your lot and new home from start to finish, through the entire building process. Call 617-714-5674 to speak with a D&R agent about your next move.

Search for Land

What you can see with your eyes is important. But what you may not see, like subsurface soil and water conditions, seasonal effects, zoning ordinances, deed restrictions or a murky title, can have a far greater impact on your plans.


Sell Your Lot

Selling a lot or vacant land can be even more challenging than selling a home in any market. With a residential land strategy that’s completely different from our home marketing services, D&R Realty helps you list and sell your property fast.