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Home Improvements That Boost Sale Price

As the saying goes, “You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.” When people drive up and first see your house, you want them to think of it immediately as a home that has been maintained and well cared for. If you’re looking to sell your home quickly and for top dollar, with a few simple low-cost tweaks you can significantly enhance your house’s curb appeal.

  • Improve your landscape. Put down fresh sod, replace tired bushes with new ones and add some color, either with flower beds or potted flowers. Even just a little bit goes a long way.
  • Spruce up your entryway. Buy a new front door or paint the old one. If your house number and mailbox look tired, buy and install new ones.
  • Change out light fixtures and plumbing fixtures. Gold light fixtures are long outdated, and brass is less popular than brushed nickel. Replacing outdated ceiling fixtures and bathroom faucets can give your home a modern touch for a minimal investment.
  • Clarify any spaces that might confuse buyers. If you have an odd alcove, add a desk or a dresser – something that will suggest how the space is best used. Most homes have some funky or dysfunctional things that can be corrected, so don’t keep would-be buyers guessing.
  • Do partial renovations. Rather than gutting an old bathroom, for example, consider getting a new vanity and refacing the existing tub. In the kitchen, keep the old cabinets but replace the countertops and the hardware.
  • Consider removing popcorn ceilings. Be careful because the popcorn ceilings of pre-1979 homes are likely to contain asbestos. That means this is far from a do-it-yourself project, and you need someone licensed to remove it. Newer ceilings, on the other hand, can be wet and scraped. Or, if it’s feasible and the ceilings are high enough, just drywall over and create new ceilings.
  • Remove window treatments, unless they are current and high-end. That cuts the risk of turning off would-be buyers who don’t share your taste. Uncovered windows also let more light into the rooms. Once you’ve got a contract, you can always offer to leave the ones you took down.
  • Return rooms to their original uses. If you’re using your dining room as an office, turn it back into a dining room. If your third bedroom is an office, turn it back into a bedroom. You can, however, display a photo of the room’s other potential use.
  • Replace dirty or worn carpet. You might try cleaning it first, but dirty carpet is always a turnoff for buyers. In some cases, you’re better off removing the carpet if there are hardwood floors underneath.
  • Depersonalize. That means packing away family photos and taking the children’s drawings (plus everything else) off the refrigerator. You want a new family to envision themselves living in the home.
  • Clean thoroughly. Do a deep cleaning before you put your home on the market so everything shines. Be sure to wash the windows.
  • Paint. Your daughter may love her purple room, but a prospective buyer probably won’t. Repaint all rooms in neutral colors. A fresh coat of paint also makes the house look newer and more modern.

D&R Realty knows you don’t want to spend money that you won’t get back. We advise seeing what improvements house flippers are making in your neighborhood, and comparing the sales price of homes with older kitchens to homes with updated kitchens. If you or someone you know is considering listing a home for sale in the Boston area, call 617-714-5674 for a free expert analysis of what your property is currently worth today.